Timo and Steffen crossed paths at an electronic music network meeting in Berlin. Apart from their shared interest in music technology they soon discovered they have even more in common. Both were engaging in the realm of sound meditation and yoga in different projects.

Steffen Günther is Reiki master, electronic musician, sound designer and student of Audiodesign B.A.

Steffen was an electric bass player for years when he felt that there was something more to the tuning of instruments than just standard pitch. He discovered the cosmic octave and decided to study the profound effects of alternate tuning systems on the mood of human beings.

As it seemed to be easier to generate exact pitches in electronic production environments he found himself attending a complete Ableton live course synchronistically meeting a crystal singing bowl player looking for help with his setup. Thus Steffen joined Carlos Michael to gain experience in sound-diving™ sessions hosted in yoga studios around Germany. Applying astronomical tuning data to sound meditation, witnessing it’s effects on people and getting their feedback approved his conviction of it’s efficacy on the human psyche.

That is why he decided to continue his dive into the digital realms of sound creation and started studying Audiodesign B.A. at HdpK Berlin.

During his ongoing semesters he would get connected to a voluntary network of electronic musicians – the Ableton User Group – and meet Timo. Inviting him to sound-diving™ and demonstrating the power of pure, cosmically tuned sine wave frequencies established the basis of their musical companionship.

Besides pushing the boarders in the realm of alternately tuned electronic  music with Timo, Steffen is currently working on his B.A. thesis in cooperation with the neurological department of Unfallklinikum Berlin to provide scientific evidence to their approach.

Timo Preece is an audio technologist, electronic musician, instructor, trainer and consultant.

Timo Preece (Certified Ableton Trainer, ProTools Expert- Berlin, Germany) is an accomplished audio technologist, multi-media consultant, sound designer and electronic musician. He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and earned a MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Currently, Timo lives in Berlin and works as a freelance sound designer, audio consultant, producer, and performer.

From conceptualizing and building cutting-edge setups for audio/visual performance to offering inventive solutions for composition, production and technology integration, Timo has worked with a wide variety of sound enthusiasts, companies and world renown artists including: Native Instruments, DJ Shadow, BassNectar, Micky Hart, Lotus, Livid Instruments, Ableton, Beats Antique, Keith McMillen, MacProVideo, AVID, ElectronicCreatives, Pete Sears, Count…
One of the first certified Ableton Live trainers and longstanding AVID Protools Expert, Timo is a skilled and versatile educator who integrates real world experience and leading-edge techniques to his approach. He has developed curricula for several renowned training centers and, before moving abroad, was director for sound art courses at Ex’pression College and Pyramind. Currently, he writes for AskAudio magazine, conducts skills oriented workshops and master classes internationally and teaches online music technology courses for Foothill College.

Musically, Timo has several projects that revolve around Ableton Live and advanced controller configurations:

GravityTerminal – dark, cinematic electronic creation/design/performance.

Planetary Cymatic Resonance – a musical project based on tunings calculated from natural frequencies found in our universe like the movement of planets or the resonances of molecules.

Sonic Sadhana – live electronics and acoustic instrumentation merged with nada yoga and sound meditation.